Act on what’s trending
for your audience

We give marketers the real-time tools to automatically
target advertising and gather insights
based on what’s trending for their audience

Our marketing platform is trusted by Fortune 500 brands:


Let’s assume you wish to reach
music lovers ages 18-24

Taykey scans the web...


8 : 00 am

image description

And learns that the upcoming Star Wars movie is trending for your target audience.


8 : 05 am

image description

Taykey automatically delivers your ads to sites with content about Star Wars.


1 : 28 pm

image description

Later your audience shifts its attention to Prince’s Performance on Saturday Night Live.


1 : 30 pm

image description

Taykey place your brand next to what matters to your audience.


7 : 23 pm

image description

Five hours later the Google Nexus 6 is trending and Taykey puts you there as well.


This process repeats 24/7 throughout the duration of your campaign.


Taykey’s marketing platform is more than just targeting, it teaches you about your audience right now.

What’s trending at any given moment?

Track how emerging stories develop and learn how they relate to different audiences and markets.

What trends drive performance today?

Interesting daily insights help you stay on top of trends and connect to what matters right now.

What changed in my audience's interest?

Learn how your audience interests shift week over week and month over month.

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