Automate media buying based on what’s trending for your audience
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Introducing The Taykey Platform

How it works

  • Taykey mines billions of data points from thousands of online sources.

  • Taykey discovers what’s trending for your audience right now.

  • Taykey automates the media buying and delivery process.

  • Taykey optimizes continuously for maximum performance.

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For example, let’s assume you wish to reach music lovers ages 18-24:

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Taykey scans the web…
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And learns that right now Lady Gaga’s tour is trending for your target audience

11 : 00 am
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Taykey automatically delivers your ads to sites with content about Lady Gaga’s tour.

11 : 30am

Later, your audience shifts attention to Justin Bieber’s latest TV performance.

03 : 00pm
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Taykey places your brand next to what matters to your audience

03 : 10pm
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Five hours later, the new iPhone is trending and Taykey puts you there as well.

07 : 00pm
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This process repeats 24/7 throughout the duration of your campaign

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Taykey listens to the social web,and delivers your ads on different platforms
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Identify what people are talking about, then direct ads across social networks

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Gain insights derived from online advertising across desktop and mobile display

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Deliver video advertising based on what matters right now to your audience

Desktop and Mobile

Taykey Reporting

Learn more about your audience than you ever thought possible
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Taykey Results

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    Top performer on ad effectiveness studies for brand favorability and purchase intent

    Measured by Nielsen

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    Taykey reveals insights that allow you to fine-tune audience segments and inspire content marketing

    Measured by Nielsen

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