Taykey is a marketing
platform based on what’s
trending for your audience

How It Works


Build Your

You tell us your target audience


Listen and
Detect Trends

We find what’s trending for them



Connect us to your currently used media platforms



We align your media with those trends



Campaign insights reveal more about your audience

Campaign Management Service

Ensures your ads are always next to what’s trending for
your audience, working 24/7 as new trends arise

11 : 50 am

image description

Taykey monitors the web and learns that the Pitch Perfect 2 release is trending for Millennial Females

12 : 00pm

image description

Taykey automatically delivers your ads to sites with content about Pitch Perfect 2

4 : 25pm

image description

Now these audiences shift their attention to the debut of the Apple Watch

4 : 30pm

image description

Taykey places your
brand next to what
matters to your audience

8 : 55 pm

image description

Later, the audience is talking about the Austin City Limits’ 2015 Festival lineup

9 : 00 pm

image description

Taykey puts you there as well. This process repeats 24/7 throughout the duration of your campaign

Why be next to what’s trending?


Intelligence Dashboard

Helps you to see what’s trending for your audience everyday
and discovers how their interests change over time

Recurring Trends

Identify what trend categories reoccur for your audience to reveal what matters to them

Unpredictable Trends

Detect unexpected trends that are surprisingly relevant to your audience; including how and when they change and what’s related to them

Exploring Trends

See volume & velocity of trends sentiment, demographic breakdown, and what’s related to these trends

Dynamic Audiences

Learn how your audience’s interests change over time and where they are most engaged

Our marketing platform is trusted by Fortune 500 brands:

Easy to Get Started

Without changing your workflow, you can easily
connect Taykey to your existing account on your media
platforms to get the power of real-time trends

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