‘Trending’ software company Taykey raises $15 million

For six years, New York’s Taykey built tools to help marketers stay plugged in. Now it’s expanding its mission to help them create campaigns—with backing from several high-profile venture firms. It’s easy to see what’s trending on the Internet, at least in a rudimentary fashion—just call up the top Google searches or glance at the trending topics feature on TwitterRead More

Real Time Data Mining Firm Taykey Raises $15 Million in New Funding

The real-time data crunching firm Taykey has raised $15 million in new funding as it looks to expand its business from digital media-buying to deeper marketing analytics, said founder and chief executive Amit Avner. Founded in Israel in 2009, Taykey is now based in New York, where over the past several years it has focused on helping advertisers react toRead More

Israeli Trend Tracker Taykey Raises $15 Million From Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

It can be hard out there on social media for the brands. Their tweets and Facebook posts reach millions of people, and while the results can sometimes be iconic, it seems they’re more likely to make a splash for the inevitable apologies after cringe-inducing attempts to join a national conversation (as the Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks demonstrated on Monday). TheRead More

Analysis Finds Content About Tech Trends Draws Attention to Ads About Anything

Technology has improved our lives in many ways, and we now rely on it for everything from work to entertainment, education and productivity. It’s no surprise, then, that technology is a very closely-followed industry, and advertisers have found many ways to capitalize on that society-wide interest. But, what exactly can advertisers do to make the most of this hungry audience?Read More