Taykey’s New Introduction Video

Taykey is a marketing platform based on what’s trending for your audience. Through our Campaign Management Service, your media is always next to what’s trending for your target – when trends change, we adjust where your ads are displayed. Plus, our Intelligence Dashboard helps you learn more about your consumers’ interest and how those interest change – in real time.Read More

RTTR Q2 2015

Q2 Real-Time Trend Report to Marketers: Real-Time Sports Trends a Slam Dunk Another quarter of real-time advertising is in the books and it was another quarter where trend-based targeted campaigns drove performance well-above industry norms. Engagement rates surpassed Q2 industry benchmarks across multiple platforms, with display CTRs by 153%, skippable video view rates by 60% and non-skippable video completion ratesRead More

RTTR Q1 2015

Q1 Real-Time Trend Report to Marketers: Music Will Always Be There For You   Surrounding the right entertainment trends at the right time is one of the cornerstones of real-time advertising. However, the opportunities across this broad category aren’t always consistent. We already know that movie-related trends spike heading into the summer blockbuster and winter holiday seasons and that television-relatedRead More