The Week in Online Trends

The beginning of the week ushered in light-hearted fare with online conversations being driven by entertainment news surrounding the Billboard Music Awards and Johnny Depp’s divorce announcement. But as we headed into the holiday weekend, the news of the killing of a Cincinnati Zoo gorilla drove heated debate and made it a top trending item to close out the week…. Read More

Cracking the Code on What’s Trending

With audience attention becoming more elusive every day, data that can help shed light on what matters most to people is at a premium. Facebook sits at the center of this treasure trove of social data, with more than 1 billion users actively engaging and sharing relevant content in real time. Perhaps that’s why people have been all the more… Read More

The Week in Online Trends

Every day, Taykey analyzes hundreds of millions of data points from conversations across the web to reveal what’s trending for specific audiences. Last week, we saw online attention veer between the fun, with Kim Kardashian’s Webby Award win, to the very serious with the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804. Read on for our highlights of the top trending topics for… Read More

Taking the Pulse of Your Audience

There’s been an increasing amount of industry discussion about the power of identifying “what’s trending,” and with good reason. The billions of consumer conversations flowing through websites and social media platforms represent a tremendously valuable real-time map of consumer interest and attention. For the first time, we’re providing a public, real-time window to this data on our website via the… Read More