27 Years Old and Co-Founder of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Open University of Israel graduate, Amit Avner founded Taykey, a multi-million dollar operation. But, this is not his first company. He actually founded his first company more than a decade ago, when he was 15. Today, at the ‘ripe old age of 27’ Amit is the only Israeli to make it to the prestigious 2013 Under 30 CEO of Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs USA list. 

Twenty-seven-year old Amit Avner has a curriculum vitae that is pretty amazing. 

He began his undergraduate degree in computer sciences at the Open University of Israel when he was 15 and founded his first company when he was in high school. Then, when he was 22, he founded his second company, a global operation with international headquarters in New York, backed by multimillion dollar funding. 

Today, at the age of 27, he is the only Israeli to appear on the prestigious Under 30 CEO of Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs USA List. 

How did all of this transpire? 

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