7 Digital Marketing Stats That Grabbed Our Attention This Week

According to the digital chatter analyzed by Taykey, the tech company believes it can predict who will win the Oscars on Sunday night. It’s all about positive social sentiment. By: Christopher Heine | technology editor of Adweek Read the full article

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Did Social Media Affect the Super Bowl Outcome?

In an age where machines are now learning how to engage in group activities and take over and automation being applied to industries once manned by humans, there lies an interesting intersection of reality and projections. Fake news and alternative facts have become a matter of great concern and a cause for anxiety among brand marketers about where their ads…

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Why CES 2017 Was Surprisingly Low on New Trends

Taykey’s CEO Amit Avner worked with The Drum to publish our data on CES 2017. The event was remarkably low in trending content, with Taykey reporting less than 10 trends for the four-day event. A small amount of trends means low conversation volume, and perhaps low excitement surrounding CES product announcements. Read the full article

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