Taykey Announces Growth and New Alliance

NEW YORK, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Topical Advertising technology company Taykey today announced it’s on track to triple 2012 revenue this year, driven by engagement with DoubleClick Bid Manager (formerly Invite Media), opening additional sales offices, and significant growth in revenue and client base.

Taykey welcomes DoubleClick Bid Manager to its media platform portfolio, allowing advertisers seeking alignment with ever-changing audience interests to combine Taykey’s dynamic, topical data with DoubleClick Bid Manager’s rich audience data and inventory. This integration presents an unprecedented offering enabling advertisers to reach target audiences based on topics they’re engaging with at any given moment, at greater scale.

Taykey also expanded its network, opening two new sales offices in San Francisco and London, the company’s first international sales office. 

“Recent demand for our offering has grown, and we must be fixtures in markets that request our services,” said CEO Amit Avner.  “West coast clients account for a significant portion of business, and our San Francisco office is well positioned to increase the pace of that growth. Combined with a DoubleClick Bid Manager integration, Taykey enhances delivery of topical advertising at scale.”

Taykey is set to meet 300% growth this year.  1Q 2013 bookings exceed those in 2H 2012, and projected revenue is to be in excess of eight figures in its second full year in market.  To accommodate growth, Taykey expanded its executive ranks in 2012 and will double staff in both US and Israel.

In the first quarter of 2013, Taykey ran campaigns for over 100 major brand clients in categories including automotive, entertainment, financial services, alcoholic beverage, consumer packaged goods, health and beauty, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, travel, fashion, luxury retail, and more.