70% of In-Store Purchases Will Be Driven By Online Research

End-of-year shopping is no longer contained between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year, Facebook advised marketers to start preparing their campaigns as early as August–prudent advice with social users preparing well in advance of the holidays. An infographic from Taykey provides insights for holiday 2016 marketing based on analysis from 2015.
Product research, shopping conversations and social shopping have all been increasing recently, and they are set to rise again this year, with e-commerce sales expected to go up 13 percent during the holidays. Nearly 70 percent of all in-store purchases will be directly influenced by online research, so it’s important to be aware of customers’ conversations.
Last year, 50 percent of consumers used social recommendations during the holiday season. However, these conversations are not contained by hashtags or related to singular websites; articles across multiple publications relating to leaked Black Friday deals generated significant conversation, as well. Consider collecting to capture holiday conversation data to improve campaign targeting.
Even when news isn’t holiday-specific, it can lead to notable engagement during the holiday period. For instance, ads for Star Wars: The Force Awakens performed up to 32 times higher during the holiday period last year than industry benchmarks. This engagement no doubt had an impact on merchandise sales for apparel and other sectors. Event targeting can provide many additional opportunities for capturing your target audience.
The key takeaway from the infographic: adopt an always-on strategy as mobile and social continue to change the e-commerce landscape.
Check out the infographic below for more insights.

By: Kimberlee Morrison | Editor for AdWeek’s Social Times
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