Taykey’s First Annual Agency
Hot-Dog-Eating Contest

Last week, we hosted the 1st Taykey Annual Agency Hot Dog Eating Contest, supported by Major League Eating, featuring contestants from 9 media agencies — Digitas, Horizon Media, Mindshare, Initiative, Zenith Media, Mediacom, MEC, J3, The Media Kitchen — and spectators from around the digital advertising industry.

 The contest was featured on AdAge 

Here’s What Happened When Adland
Held a Hot-Dog-Eating Contest
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— Here are some photos of the event — 

 CEO of Taykey Amit Avner | VP Marketing of Taykey Matt Rosenberg


SVP Sales of Taykey John Schneider


CEO of MLE, George Shea


Competitors are introduced by CEO of MLE, George Shea 


Kurt Beyer, Alex Paramithiotti, Noriel Mapoy, Gretchen Smith, Ben Healy, 
Clayton Schmidt, Jake Gould, Jamie Komza, Alex Cohen


Special Guest
Professional Eater, Tim Janus ‘Eater X’ 
ate 32 hot dogs in 10 minutes!






Alex Paramithiotti from Horizon Media wins, 
after eating a total of 10 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes! 



Kurt Beyer from Digitas, and Noriel Mapoy from Mindshare tie second place, eating 9 hot dogs in 10 minutes. 


 View the full album here  |  PHOTOGRAPHY by JAY IRWIN