How New Balance, Pepsi and Kellogg’s Were Impacted by Trump Controversies All Three Received Negative Feedback on Social

Adweek used Taykey’s data to analyze what happens to brands when they get involved in political issues, whether accidentally or on purpose. Our data indicated that it is bound to have an impact on how consumers talk about brands on social media. Three brands recently made headlines due to the election of Donald Trump–New Balance, Pepsi, and Kellogg’s–had to deal…

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Fake News Not Only An Issue For Politics, But For Brand Marketers

Taykey, a real-time audience data company, weighed in on the fake news controversy that bubbled up in the aftermath of the presidential election. In a blog post entitled “Fake News and Half Truths Pose Real Threat for Brands,” the company argues that fake news and half truths are not only posing a challenge for the electorate, but brand marketers as…

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The Power Of Real-Time Conversation Data: Happy Holidays!

The classic challenge of brand advertising is to reach audiences at scale, when they’re paying attention. The stakes are always high, but the game gets much more intense every year around the holidays as more brands compete for a dwindling share of audience attention. Your marketing can gain an edge by tapping into the power of real-time conversation data to…

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