Advertisers: Tap Into Social Conversations to Engage Users

Second Screen, Mobile Apps and Social Polls Can Drive Engagement.

Advertisers know their customers won’t always seek them out. Instead, they need to push their brands to where and when the right people are ready. As a result, advertisers are continually expanding their efforts to get the attention of valuable consumers. Data, programmatic, hyper-local and a slew of other techniques dominate our industry for this very reason. Yet, there are still techniques advertisers can use to further engage users.

By taking a closer look at how consumers behave in various scenarios — for instance, when they’re watching TV or following a big event like the World Cup — new advertising tactics emerge. We find consumers increasingly unifying and integrating media behavior, like watching television while engaging with online content. Yet, at the same time, audiences consume digital media in an increasingly fragmented and sometimes randomized manner. Advertisers must recognize these trends and ensure that their advertising responds accordingly.

Making a bigger splash on the second screen

Many media brands are now playing with the second screen to see what consumers respond to. For example:

– Shazam’s expansion to commercials and other types of media is better engaging audiences during commercial breaks. – Cartoon Network’s new “micro-network” mobile app streams optimized mobile video and gaming content for viewers. – Story Sync, AMC’s mobile app, includes social media polls, viewer contests and questionnaires about viewers’ favorite shows.

By: Adam Kapel | Taykey SVP of Marketing Insights
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