Amit Avner: CEO. Trend Forecaster. Former Coding Whizkid.

Amit Avner’s been coding since he was 10. The following 19 years have been as productive as you might expect.

Amit Avner likes building things. At 29, he’s built a lot.

Currently, he’s the founder of Taykey, a service that predicts trends online and places advertising based on what people are talking about. Taykey, though, is by no means his first project.

Avner, originally from Israel, learned to code when he was 10 years old. His mother was doing a course in web development from the ministry of education in Israel. She would bring her course materials home and teach her son how to build websites.

From there, Avner started teaching himself by reading as many books as he could, and using the internet as a resource. Within four years, he’d built a meta search engine. A year later, at 15, he was working on a college degree in computer science while finishing high school.

“I can say I always liked to play with Legos, which sounds funny, but just the concept of taking the same bricks and being able to build different stuff with it, I find fascinating,” he said. “I think coding it is the same because it’s the same commands that you just structure differently to get a whole different output.”

He carried his coding skills into his time in the Israeli Army, where Avner did consulting and software development during his mandatory service.

By: Erin Carson | Tech Republic
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