Fake News and Half Truths Pose Real Threat for Brands

Despite the end of election season, brands continue to find themselves at the center of political controversy. While Tic Tac and Skittles were dragged into the discussion arbitrarily, New Balance and Pepsi recently attracted unwanted attention after out-of-context and fake quotes were widely circulated. This latest series of events also calls into question whether there is any “safe” way for… Read More

The World Series Lags Behind Other Sports’ Finals

The 2016 World Series is coming to a close starring two teams that haven’t seen a World Series championship in 65+ years, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Fans of both teams are clearly excited about the possibility of ending this drought. We took a look at conversation volume, age, location, and sentiment to understand how important the World… Read More

Diving into the Debates

With all of the news and endless headlines over the past several months surrounding the debates, we decided to take an in-depth look, with the help of our data, for each debate to see first and foremost, what messages and trends were getting through to the American people and second, if these debates, one of America’s oldest political traditions, still… Read More

Good Judgement Sweetens Potential Controversy for Two Popular Candy Brands

With the 2016 Presidential Election less than 1 month away, there have been a number of unpredictable trends resulting from this unorthodox election cycle. Two of these trends revolved around candies – Skittles and Tic Tac – who were unknowingly dragged into a negative political trend. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the now infamous image that compared Syrian refugees to a… Read More