Bringing the Power of Trend Advertising to Programmatic Buying

Fragmentation and the unpredictability of audience interests are making it increasingly difficult for brand advertisers to pinpoint quality, relevant content at scale. This problem has made it particularly challenging for advertisers to leverage the full potential of exchange buying for brand campaigns. That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of our Trend Advertising platform for programmatic buyers.
Our programmatic solution introduces several new features into our Trend Advertising platform. First, buyers will have access to a self-service interface that allows them to define and traffic custom audience segments according to demographics and interests. Taykey monitors what’s trending for these audiences in real-time and translates each trend into URLs for specific articles and videos across the web. This data is automatically piped into the buyer’s demand side platform (DSP) for targeting and continuously updated. Integration with DoubleClick Bid Manager is available at launch with a series of other platform integrations planned throughout the year.
We believe that this solution has the potential to largely eliminate the painful tradeoff programmatic buyers must make today between efficiency and quality. For example, an advertiser looking to target millennial music lovers would typically have two options. First, they could target 18-34 year olds across open exchange sites classified as music. This typically yields low quality and often unrelated websites. Second, they could target the same age range but hand select entertainment oriented content via private exchange relationships. This raises the quality of the content but can drastically increase the cost and reduce the scale of the campaign.
Taykey uses real-time trend data to eliminate this tradeoff. By identifying the trends millennial music lovers are talking about in real time and translating these trends to targetable content, we can better keep pace with changing audience interests, find a breadth of relevant placements at scale, and avoid competing with other buyers for the same “premium” site list.
The new reality is that the convergence of mobile and social has shifted consumers away from site-based navigation to discovery of specific articles and videos. Music fans are just as likely to be sharing an article from CNN about Kanye’s latest antics as they are an album review from a music site. Simply put, relevant is the new premium. By better aligning media buying with this trend, we believe it is possible to bring Private Exchange inventory quality and relevance to the Open Exchange.

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