Contribute to the fast-paced growth of a venture-backed start-up, work side by side with a Storm Trooper and two Wookies, and enjoy an endless supply of twizzlers and protein bars.

JavaScript Ninja

At Taykey, we are looking for quality candidates interested in participating in a succesful start-up company,
and working in an innovative dynamic and challenging environment. 

Ideal candidates will be with proven background in site building, that define themselves as frontend ninjas

  • Design and development of cutting edge web applications
  • Generate and show real-time data
  • Communicating with Java and Python Backend
  • Staying up to date with latest web technologies
  • Expert level knowledge of client-side Javascript, Javascript libraries, HTML, and CSS
  • Good understanding of UI/UX principles
  • Familiarity with Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  • Familiarity with usage of social media APIs
  • Experience handling variations across different browser versions
  • Understanding of software development principles
  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS3 is a plus
  • Experience with Node.js, Django or GWT is a plus
  • Self motivated and independent worker
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team