Real-Time Trend Report Finds Ad Campaigns Tied to Popular Online Trends Perform Nearly 10X above Industry Benchmarks – Press Release

Taykey Campaign Insights Demonstrate the Power of Ads Placed Against Unpredictable Trends Like LG’s G Watch R Smartwatch Launch, Over Predictable Events Such as iPhone 6 Presentation.

NEW YORK, October 15, 2014 – Taykey, the leading provider of trend-based advertising solutions, today announced the availability of the Real-Time Trend Report, an insights-based report that examines how ad campaigns in Q3 2014 performed when placed against popular trends. The report shows that ad campaigns aligned with unpredictable news items, such as LG’s G Watch R smartwatch launch, Apple’s response to the iCloud breach, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-orders and J.J. Abram’s tweets about the Millennium Falcon for Star Wars Episode VII, saw audience engagement rise more than 500% above industry averages. Further, 20% of all display ad engagements tracked by Taykey in Q3 resulted from campaigns that specifically targeted technology micro-trends in real-time.

Taykey’s report also revealed that trend-targeted video ads on desktop outperform those on mobile. Additionally, the most impactful video ads on both mobile and desktop were tied to very diverse trends, with just 50% overlap between the two platforms. These findings emphasize that brands must balance campaigns across mobile and desktop, but with different ad strategies for each. Finally, the verticals analyzed in the report (Auto, CPG, Food & Beverage, Retail, Technology and Telecoms) saw notable differences in best performing trend categories. For example, the Real Time Trend Report highlights that audiences engaging with Health & Wellness campaigns are more likely to do so while seeking political and business news, yet CPG and Retail campaign audiences responded higher to music and movie categories. “Based on the insights of the Real-Time Trend Report, it’s clear that brands need to put in place digital advertising strategies that are highly reactive to the dynamic nature of consumers’ online behavior,” said Adam Kapel, SVP marketing and insights, Taykey. “Many advertisers likely bet big on the iPhone 6 launch this year, assuming that ads tied to this global event would bring strong returns. However, the iPhone did not even make it to our top 10 list of Q3 trends. This is undeniable evidence of the importance of real-time advertising.”

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