Under The Hood

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Our technology analyzes over a billion pieces of data from more than fifty thousand sources. All day, every day, our ears are open.


Taykey finds the topics your audience is engaging with across the web. We follow interests at the speed of attention. We analyze each topic to ensure the proper audience characteristics and that the topic carries positive sentiment.


We place your video, IAB display, and social ads against the topics your audience is leaning into right now and test performance to see what works best.


Campaign reports go deeper than clicks, views, etc. We report on the topics that worked best and provide valuable insight into your audience for future creative and media strategy.

Taykey’s patented Topical Advertising allows you to be relevant to your audience at all times

Most media is planned ahead of time, using static identifiers. Yet consumers are dynamic and their attention continually shifts throughout the day. Instead of confining campaigns to predetermined tactics, Taykey maximizes the value of your paid media by capitalizing on high audience engagement with immediate and unpredictable topics. We dynamically model and optimize the topics that work best for your audience and message.  Our platform is purpose-built to optimize media across ever-changing topics.


The key to branding is attention, but on today’s web attention is fleeting and highly fragmented. Right now, much of your audience is engaged with a new meme. A song, a video, a rumor. Taykey sees this topic bubble up and immediately and automatically executes a buy for people engaging with this topic on popular platforms including Facebook, Google, YouTube & Twitter. In an hour a human interest story takes their attention. Or maybe a new gadget. Or a sports event. No sweat. We always know what’s topical for your audience, automatically activating new topics on the rise and optimizing for the best performance. Taykey reaches your target based on what is topical for them in the moment.


By using Taykey, you’re not just always relevant, but we also help you find audiences you never reached before. You want to sell airline seats? You can remarket to people who visited your website, you can target people who search for flights, you can buy ads on travel sites. But Taykey helps you find new people we know are interested in travel by the related topics they’re engaged with right now, people you couldn’t have reached by other means.

Taykey maximizes your acquisition efforts by continuously prospecting and creating new demand.