Maximizing the March Madness Opportunity

The Opportunity

Conversation volume among basketball fans surges during the weeks surrounding March Madness. Taykey Trend Advertising can keep you in the game by placing your display and video campaigns next to the hottest trends for tournament fans in real time. Simply activate Taykey’s March Madness segment in your DSP.


Real-Time Trends Drive Engagement

Every year Taykey detects and targets dozens of unexpected trends driving fan enagagement. 

Check out our latest blog post for insights and tips to make the most of March Madness. 

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Launch Your Campaign

Currently, Taykey’s March Madness segment is available via
The Trade Desk and AppNexus.





Download Taykey’s free March Madness guide, including trend analysis from last year’s tournament and tips on how to leverage this opportunity to engage your audience. 

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