Contribute to the fast-paced growth of a venture-backed start-up, work side by side with a Storm Trooper and two Wookies, and enjoy an endless supply of twizzlers and protein bars.

Java Rockstar

At Taykey, we’re seeking a Server Side Software Developer to help build our Server Side & Data Analysis Systems. 

Things you should be passionate about:

  • Contributing / Working on different open source projects
  • Test driven development
  • Continuous integration / Continuous deployment
  • Improving developer productivity
  • Integration with Social Networks and Advertising Platforms ( such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc)
  • Working with different Databases
  • Perform different analysis on our data
  • Creating Restful API’s
  • Designing the future of Server side & Data Analysis on Taykey

Skills you should have:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science – Average of 85 or higher
  • Experience with development in Java
  • Experience with SQL Databases (MySQL)
  • Experience with Spring framework
  • Knowledge of RESTeasy
  • Familiar with Jetty / Tomcat
  • Familiar with Maven 
  • Strong team player

Bonus points for:

  • Open source contributions
  • Test driven development experience
  • Experience with Social Networks API’s ( Open Graph, Google, Youtube API’s)
  • Knowledge in Big Data / Hadoop