Study: Tying ads to movies works for brands

Taykey has released a new study that finds tying ads to trending topics – like movies – can increase the performance. The data, part of the new Real-Time Trend Report, found the top categories for tie-ins for Q4 2014 were the Grammys and popular movie franchises The Hunger Games and The Hobbit.


Overall the report from Taykey shows that ads tied to movie and television trends as well as shopping trends out-performed the industry average by about 400%. Movie trends, in particular, were strong tie-ins and were found to be nearly 150% more effective than average. The top 5 trending topics included the Grammys (1145% higher than average), Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett Christmas duet (545% higher than average), The Lego Movie, Adobe’s ‘spy gate’ and Iggy Azalea’s AMA win.

“Q4 featured huge trends including the San Francisco Giants’ historic World Series comeback, the biggest Cyber Monday ever and The Interview getting pulled from movie theaters. Despite all this, the top performing trend for the quarter was about the 2015 Grammy Awards,” was written in the report. “When examining top performing trends by gender, the top male skewing trends saw more diversity across movies and technology news, while the top female trends were rooted in entertainment and celebrity gossip.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• The top 5 categories for display media included shopping, lifestyle, celebrity news, movies and tech news
• Consumer electronics and news categories each performed more than 150% better than average
• Celebrity news and television categories were most effective for CPG audiences


By:  Kristina Knight |

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