Taykey Releases Free Audience Insights

Taykey, a trend-based audience analysis company, announced the release of a free, real-time audience data tool called Trend Pulse available to the public today.

The tool provides access to trend data for various audience segments on the company’s Web site. Audience segments available for viewing today include adults 18 and above, moms, Millennials and tech enthusiasts.

The company says it will be altering which audiences are available for viewing depending on the time of year.

The release comes at an interesting time, as Facebook last week was accused of editing their “trending” feed and suppressing or giving more airtime to different stories.

Taykey’s CEO Amit Avner says that their trend-based tool won’t be filtered at all, citing a “smart” women’s tampon that happens to be trending among moms as an example.

Taykey aggregates and analyzes data about what audiences are sharing and looking at and enables brands to programmatically buy inventory that’s near trending content.

It’s sort of like a third-party data provider, except Taykey doesn’t actually collect data on anyone.

The company is also releasing a campaign dashboard that will allow marketers and advertisers to map their campaign performance against whatever happens to be trending for their target audiences at the moment.

“Our business is B2B,” says Avner, “using the data for free for consumers is just an interesting experiment — it’s a fun tool for people to use. We want to become part of the discourse around trends.”
By: Ben Frederick
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