Under The Hood

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Our technology analyzes over a billion pieces of data from more than fifty thousand sources. All day, every day, our ears are open.


Taykey finds the topics your audience is engaging with across the web. We follow interests at the speed of attention. We analyze each topic to ensure the proper audience characteristics and that the topic carries positive sentiment.


We place your video, IAB display, and social ads against the topics your audience is leaning into right now and test performance to see what works best.


Campaign reports go deeper than clicks, views, etc. We report on the topics that worked best and provide valuable insight into your audience for future creative and media strategy.

Advertising for Right Now is Hard

What sources should you listen to? What conversations should you listen for? Who is having these conversations? What is the sentiment? Is it safe?

What conversations should you target? Where should you activate online? How do you optimize emergent conversations?  When should you change creative?



Taykey’s Dynamic Media Platform

We monitor billions of inputs, tracking conversation volume and sentiment to discover what your audience is talking about right now

We then select the appropriate creative, target your media against these topics, and optimize for performance as new topics are introduced

This process produces unique audience insights and improved campaign performance 

Taykey’s Media Product Keys

Reach your audience right now, across the internet with Taykey’s Media solutions. 

Social Key Identify what people are talking about to direct ads across social networks

Display Key Build upon social insights to power advertising across online and display

Video Key Deliver high-impact video ads where audience attention is highest

Simply determine who you want to reach and how you want to reach them. 
We’ll do the rest.


• Top performer on ad effectiveness studies for brand favorability and purchase intent 

• Taykey insights allow you to fine-tune audience segments  &  inspire content marketing

Case Study | Technology

Leading Global manufacturer wanted to build brand awareness for their new tablet in the US among 18–49 year old millennial males.

Solution: Leverage DisplayKey to drive brand awareness, aligning targeted ads with relevant and trending topics that the target audience is engaged with right now.

Results: Taykey was the #1 performer for this campaign resulting in a 15.7% lift in awareness and 39.9% lift in purchase intent.

Case Study | CPG

National weight loss product company wanted to attract a younger demographic by rebranding their product offering

Solution: Rejuvenate the marketer’s brand and appeal to younger women by placing ads next to new, hip and relevant trending topics with DisplayKey

Results: The campaign achieved a 50% higher engagement rate than the client’s benchmark display campaigns. The brand’s search team leveraged insights from the Taykey campaign to refocus their current keyword and creative.