The First Presidential Debate

The first debate is in the history books and Taykey was taking the pulse of the web audience minute by minute for the duration.  Check out Business Insider to see how the candidates did.

In addition to the coverage there, we found the following by diving deeper into the data:

  • Of the people who expressed an opinion on who won the debate, Romney was called the winner by a margin of 6-to-1
  • When just looking at the positive statements about each candidate during the 90 minutes, Romney had twice the positive sentiment
  • Despite this, of the people who declared who they were going to vote for, Obama had a 3-to-1 lead

It’s important to note that we only looked at the people posting comments, tweets, status updates, etc., during the debate and that this audience doesn’t represent any other population — so trust the quality polls when making your bets on the outcome, ours is a snapshot of how the people commenting during the debate felt at that moment.