Top 5 Conversation Volume States for Each Vice Presidential Candidate

This past Tuesday marked the first and last Vice Presidential Debate of 2016. Two longtime politicians, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, faced off in the hopes of convincing the American people to vote for their respective candidate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While some people opt out of watching the VP debate and instead tune into the highly anticipated Presidential Debates, 4 out of the 11 key battleground states did tune in, in significantly higher volume, and discussed what Pence and Kaine had to say.
We tracked where the trends surrounding “Tim Kaine” and “Mike Pence” before, during, and after the debate were coming from and found that North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia were among the states with the overall highest conversation volume surrounding the VP candidates.

While ABC released a poll earlier this week that stated more than 40% of Americans can’t name either Vice Presidential candidate, our data shows that the people within these key battleground states were aware of and engaging with the VP debate and the candidates themselves on social media sites. In fact, the VP debate propelled the conversation volume surrounding Tim Kaine and Mike Pence to surpass the conversation surrounding both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As Clinton and Trump continue to persuade independent and swing voters in the battleground states, the voters in these 4 states seem more willing to hear and discuss politics than voters in the other 7 key swing states.

Here are two very diverse real-time trends we captured during the VP debate:


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